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Retail Air Conditioning

Keeping customers comfortable in the retail sector is the key to encouraging them to stay longer and return. In an industrial workplace, keeping the temperature well-regulated ensures employees can work to the best of their abilities.

The longer a customer remains in a shop, the better the opportunity for the retailer to secure a sale.

Appropriate air conditioning is particularly important in shops to regulate the temperature, keeping all areas feeling comfortable for employees and visitors. But, more than this, it also ensures that energy consumption is optimised, and greenhouse gas emissions are minimised.

LH plc has grown to be one of the UK’s leading air conditioning and refrigeration engineering companies. Using its dedicated team of specialist partners, the company can design and project manage complete and innovative HVAC solutions in a wide variety of industry sectors, including retail.

Our experienced projects team manages the whole process, from inception to completion, handover and throughout the warranty period.

Bespoke retail chiller solutions

LH-plc and sister company Klima-Therm have delivered a bespoke chiller solution for top retailer John Lewis at its Peter Jones shop in Sloane Square, London, marking a world-first for leading HVAC manufacturer Rhoss.

The 2MW cooling capacity installation is powered by magnetic-levitating Turbocor compressors, the first time Rhoss has supplied its home-grown design of Turbocor-based chiller anywhere in the world.

The project replaced two rooftop-mounted modular chillers that had come to the end of their working life. The replacement chillers had to conform with strict planning restrictions on noise and height to reduce visibility, and fit within a confined space on the building’s rooftop. The replacement units also had to minimise weight to ensure safe and manageable crane lifts from one of London’s busiest shopping streets.

Klima-Therm’s solution required a specially designed low-height chiller mounting system, and compact low-profile chillers, each 9,350mm in length and based on three Turbocor compressors arranged in two refrigerant circuits.

The project, which required close collaboration between the client, consultant, contractor, and supplier teams, was delivered on a tight timescale to enable continuity of cooling and minimise disruption to the building. The existing chillers were removed, and the new units lifted in place over a weekend, with full installation and commissioning completed within a week.

The result is a high efficiency, low noise bespoke solution that fits the tight constraints on the site and will significantly reduce the client’s cooling energy bills over the anticipated 15–20-year operational life of the equipment.

Klima-Therm is remotely monitoring the performance of the chillers, to ensure operation is optimised for energy consumption and occupant comfort.

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With a complete range of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, LH Plc can provide a solution that works for you, your building and your budget. Please send us a message using the form.


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