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Education Air Conditioning

Education and School Air Conditioning

There are more than 24,400 schools in England attended by 8.9 million pupils. These figures alone make the protection of children a high priority.

But they are not the only reason for taking the issue seriously. Airtight school buildings can lead to a build-up of carbon dioxide in classrooms which can affect the concentration of pupils and may impact on their ability to learn and their mental health.

Educational facilities present unique problems to designers and suppliers of HVAC plant because most schools are diverse structures with different requirements for classrooms, gyms, cafeterias, and auditoria.

However, high quality indoor air and thermal comfort help to create the best learning conditions in schools. And, most importantly, the health of students – one of the most important investments in our future – is protected.

That’s why you need a partner with experience working in the education sector you can trust; a partner like LH-plc.

Ground breaking cooling solutions

LH-plc sister company Klima-Therm has implemented a hybrid chiller solution at Kingston College in London to keep a steady internal temperature.

This was the first UK installation of Klima-Therm’s Rhoss EXP hybrid cooling and heating technology. The work was completed at the college’s new Creative Industries Centre – a state-of-the-art three-storey facility that provides excellent energy efficiency.


Another ground-breaking education project featuring a Rhoss heat pump chiller supplied by Klima-Therm can be seen at the £6.6 million refurbishment of Northbrook College in Sussex.

The project is designed to transform the college’s West Durrington campus with the addition of a new three-storey learning centre and entrance area with exhibition space, high-tech library, seminar rooms, and a refectory. The staged project also includes a new drama block.

The Rhoss EXP TXAETY 4200 heat pump chiller was chosen for its ability to deliver low energy simultaneous chilled and hot water for use in air conditioning, heating, and domestic hot water supplies.

The project achieved a Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology (BREEAM) rating of Excellent. Windows, floors, roof, and walls of the new building are highly insulated to minimise energy loss in the winter and reject heat gain in the summer. The roof contains photovoltaic panels to convert sunlight into electricity.

M&E consultant Hamson JPA chose the Rhoss EXP heat pump chiller because of the significant potential energy savings that could be delivered. Analysis of load profiles for the new building suggested it offered an ideal solution, as much of the year there will be a simultaneous requirement for heating and cooling.

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