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Railway Air Conditioning

Transport and Railway Air Conditioning


LH-plc’s cutting-edge railway air conditioning refurbishment and servicing centre in Wimbledon, south-west London combines state-of-the-art facilities with well-qualified and experienced engineers to offer an exceptional service that is both reliable and offers premier quality.

The company’s highly skilled team of specialist engineers boasts more than 30 years’ experience in this specialist sector, having developed extensive knowledge and unique engineering skills focused on the requirements of railway air conditioning systems.

We carry out work on behalf of many of the major UK rail carriers as well as the London Underground tube operators.

Servicing & maintenance

LH-plc’s services include regular servicing and maintenance to ensure railway air conditioning systems continue to perform well and deliver comfortable conditions for passengers.

First-rate engineering and assessment facilities, meanwhile, ensure that railway air conditioning systems sent to it for refurbishment are processed and returned to service in tip-top working condition.

Once systems have been serviced or refurbished, LH-plc conducts a monitored full load test to offer peace of mind by ensuring the unit performs to specification.

We are registered and accredited by RISQS (the Railway Industry Supplier Qualification Scheme), which gives customers confidence that they can find the right supplier, with the right capabilities, at the right time.


LH-plc’s extensive supply network includes some of the world’s largest suppliers of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment, allowing them access to a wide range of products at the best possible prices.

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