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Wall Mounted AC Units

Wall-mounted cooling and dehumidification

Wall-mounted cooling and dehumidification

Perfect for office and residential use, we stock a comprehensive range of  wall-mounted inverter system air conditioning units in a host of sizes including 2.5, 3.5, 5 and 7kW models.

Featuring a user-friendly remote control – including fan speed settings, energy and environment saving settings, mode change – these energy efficient systems have an impressive energy rating of up to A+++.

Room temperature control

Our portable ac solutions also include room temperature temperature control, with options to adjust the air flow volume and temperature to maximise comfort.

Incorporating two temperature sensors, one on the unit and the other on the remote handset, the indoor blower contained within the air conditioner runs for a few minutes after it is switched off. This helps keep the indoor coil to dry and prevents dust or mould accumulation.

Moisture control

We also stock dehumidifiers – complete with turbo-boost clothes drying, a clear LED display, and a stylish curved design – to control moisture levels in the office or at home.

Especially useful for high humidity areas, dehumidifers can reduce condensation, damp and mould build up, removing up to 20 litres of water per day and has a large collecting storage tank.

The dehumidifiers we stock have five layers of defence comprising protection against anti-freezing, high-loading, overloading, temperature sensor errors and refrigerant leakage.

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