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Chiller Service & Maintenance Experts

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Chiller Refurbishment & Repair Services

Wide Range of Air Conditioning and Chiller Products

Chiller Refurbishment 

Refurbishment of air conditioning and chiller systems is a core aspect of LH-PLC’s offerings, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to complete replacement. 

Our refurbishment services reduce the expense and disruption associated with replacing chillers. By choosing to refurbish, you’re investing in upgrading your existing systems, enhancing their performance, reliability, and operational efficiency. This upgrade can lead to lower operational costs and a reduced likelihood of breakdowns, while simultaneously boosting your ‘green’ credentials due to the environmental benefits of reusing and upgrading existing equipment.

Chiller System Repair Services

Alongside refurbishment, LH-PLC excels in chiller and air conditioning repair services. Our dedicated team focuses on extending the lifespan of your existing chillers, thereby preventing the need for premature replacement. 

With our repair services, we aim to increase the operating efficiency of your units, save energy, and enhance performance. This approach to repair not only ensures the smooth functioning of your chillers but also typically leads to a reduction in running costs. 

By opting for LH-PLC’s repair services, you ensure that your equipment receives the attention it needs to operate effectively, contributing to your business’s operational success and sustainability efforts.

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With a complete range of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment, LH Plc can provide a solution that works for you, your building and your budget. Please send us a message using the form.


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