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Data Centre Cooling

Data centres are insatiable consumers of energy, and this has significant ramifications in terms of cost and potential damage to the environment. That’s why it is important to take the right advice in order to specify the most appropriate equipment.

Cooling technology such as chillers, cooling towers, condensers, and air handling units are vital components of data centre cooling. LH-plc has the breadth of experience and access to a wide choice of these types of technology to help you select the most efficient and cost-effective cooling systems.

Data centres typically work on a two- to three-year upgrade cycle, and each time the equipment changes so do the cooling demands.

LH-plc can offer the peace of mind that the data centre cooling solutions specified (which typically operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week) are flexible and adaptable to maintain resilience in the entire system.

Data centre cooling projects

The secret of a successful data centre design is to take a holistic approach. People tend only to talk about removing the heat from the servers from the room, but it is important to go a step further and consider how to get that heat out of the building too.

If it is chilled water system, for example, you might have a free-cooling chiller. This means that, on days when there is a low ambient temperature, the cooling can be provided by a direct air-to-water exchange without running any energy-consuming compressors.

LH-plc has tackled a range of challenging data centre cooling projects with this in mind. For example, the company completed a contract in Tower Hamlets, London where planning conditions dictated that the client install a heat recovery loop to serve a residential development adjacent to the data centre.

The company also has vast experience working in high profile buildings where it oversaw the installation of new chilled and condenser water pumps plus four chillers into a fifth-floor plantroom via a small goods lift.

Meanwhile, a major data centre project that LH-plc was involved with in London had a planning condition that it include a heat recovery capability in the chillers. This is a standard option for the company, so it was no problem to include it in the chiller scope of supply.

But the heat recovery pipework loop was not required to be used when first installed so it was taken down into the basement and simply capped off ready for when residential blocks were built, or a heat network was installed nearby.

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