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Chiller Commissioning & Decommissioning

Chiller Commissioning Decommissioning

Commissioning of AC and Chillers

Our team of qualified engineers deliver expert commissioning of new air conditioning and chiller systems. This process involves a detailed inspection to ensure that your new equipment operates safely, reliably and at peak performance.

We ensure that your new systems have effective warranty cover and are incorporated into comprehensive preventative maintenance programmes. This approach is pivotal to the efficiency and longevity of your AC and chiller equipment, setting the stage for optimal operation right from the beginning.

Decommissioning of AC and Chillers

Following the requirements of the F-Gas Regulations and other related environmental legislation, our experienced engineers undertake the decommissioning of air conditioning and chiller systems with utmost care. The process includes the meticulous handling and disposal of refrigerants as part of our formal decommissioning procedure.

Our decommissioning service is thorough, encompassing a detailed inspection to guarantee the safe isolation and removal of obsolete equipment. By choosing LH’s services, you can rest assured that the decommissioning of your equipment is conducted in a manner that meets the very hgihest environmental safety standards.

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