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Chiller Commissioning & Decommissioning

Chiller Commissioning Decommissioning

Professional Commissioning for Air Conditioning and Chillers

At LH, we ensure your air conditioning and chiller systems start on the right foot with our expert commissioning services. 

Our qualified engineers conduct thorough inspections to guarantee your new installations operate at their best — safely, efficiently, and reliably.

What Our Commissioning Service Includes:

  • Detailed System Inspections: To certify peak performance from day one.
  • Warranty and Maintenance Programs: Secure effective warranty cover and enrol in our comprehensive preventative maintenance plans for enduring efficiency and equipment longevity.

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Responsible Decommissioning Aligned with Environmental Standards

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our meticulous decommissioning process for air conditioning and chillers. 

LH’s experienced engineers ensure the safe, careful disposal of refrigerants and equipment in compliance with F-Gas Regulations and other environmental laws, setting an industry benchmark for eco-conscious service.

Our Decommissioning Process Offers:

  • Adherence to Environmental Legislation: Ensuring all actions are in strict compliance with the latest F-Gas Regulations.
  • Safe Disposal and Recycling: We prioritise the environment in every step, from safe isolation to responsible removal and recycling of obsolete systems.

Ensuring a Greener Tomorrow? Book a call to learn more about our decommissioning services.

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