Maneurop® MTZ reciprocating compressors from Danfoss work in a wide variety of applications, like walk-in coolers, milk tanks, or air dryers, and are available in a wide range of operating conditions.

Each compressor features a large internal free volume that protects against the risk of liquid hammering.

MTZ compressors are designed for high- and medium-temperature applications, available with displacement values ranging from 1.84 to 16.57 in³/rev.

MTZ Range Models

Model NumberModelTechnical DrawingSpecifications
MTZ22 JC5 PVE Specifications
MTZ28 JE4 AVE Specifications
MTZ36 JH4-VE Specifications
MTZ40 JH1-AVE Specifications
MTZ44 H54VE Specifications
MTZ50 HK4 Specifications
MTZ64 HM4-VE Specifications
MTZ72 HN4-AVE Specifications
MTZ125 HU4 VE Specifications
MTZ250 Specifications