Copeland Scroll™ Compressors For Heating are designed for optimum operation and reliability of heat pumps connected to hydronic distribution systems for space heating and/or for the production of domestic hot water. These applications require reaching condensing temperatures as high as 65°C with high efficiency and reliability over a broad operating range. Features such as brazed fitting connections and special versions for the tandemization of compressors fit the requirements of heat pump systems.


  • Copeland Scroll axial and radial compliance for high reliability.
  • High efficiency and increased heating capacity.
  • High water temperature for all applications.
  • Low sound and low vibration level.
  • Tandem combination for superior seasonal efficiency.
  • Enhanced Vapour Injection technology for best seasonal efficiency.

ZH Range Models

Model NumberModelTechnical DrawingSpecifications
ZH13KVE-TFD-526 Technical Drawing
ZH18KVE-TFD-526 Technical Drawing
ZH24KVE-TWD-526 Technical Drawing
ZH26K4E-PFJ-524 Technical Drawing
ZH33KVE-TWD-526 Technical Drawing
ZH40KCE-TFD-455 Technical Drawing
ZH40KVE-TWD-526 Technical Drawing