Copeland ZF09K4E

Copeland Scroll™ ZF Compressors

Copeland Scroll™ ZF Compressors are developed to provide the best performance for low temperature applications. The line-up has a wide application envelope as it can operate from -40°C evaporating temperature to +7°C. The compressor design has been optimized to perfectly fit frozen food application requirements. Thanks to their scroll compliance mechanism, these scroll compressors feature particularly high tolerance to liquid slugging.


  • Wide operating envelope with 10°C low condensing temperature to minimize energy consumption.
  • One model for multiple refrigerants.
  • Light weight and compactness, up to half the weight of equivalent semi-hermetic compressor.
  • Optional sound shell allowing up to 10 dBA sound attenuation.
  • ZF models with liquid injection – easy, efficient and reliable injection via Discharge Temperature Control Valve (DTC).
  • ZF models with enhanced vapour injection; – Seasonal efficiencies compared to Emerson’s best semi-hermetic compressors – improved system capacity and efficiency by 40% and 25% respectively, making them the most efficient compressors on the market – possibility to reduce the equipment and component sizes by using smaller compressors.

ZF Range Models

Model NumberModelTechnical DrawingSpecifications
ZF09K4E-TFD-551 Copeland ZF09K4E Technical Drawing
ZF09K4E-TFD-556 Technical Drawing
ZF11K4E-TFD-551 Technical Drawing
ZF11K4E-TFD-556 Technical Drawing
ZF13K4E-TFD-551 Technical Drawing
ZF13K4E-TFD-556 Technical Drawing
ZF15K4E-TFD-551 Technical Drawing
ZF15K4E-TFD-556 Technical Drawing
ZF18K4E-TFD-551 Technical Drawing
ZF18K4E-TFD-556 Technical Drawing
ZF18KVE-TFD-551 Technical Drawing
ZF25K5E-TFD-567 Technical Drawing
ZF34K5E-TFD-567 Technical Drawing
ZF41K5E-TFD-567 Technical Drawing
ZF49K5E-TFD-567 Technical Drawing