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Maintenance is critical to keeping air conditioning plant operational and working efficiently. And it is particularly cost effective – the cost of avoiding breakdowns by implementing a sound maintenance strategy is remarkably low compared with the cost of dealing with, say, a catastrophic air conditioning failure.

Effective maintenance is not just about preventing equipment failure before it occurs rather than having to fix it after the event. It can also contribution to the bottom line by ensuring that HVAC equipment is energy efficient and therefore leads to lower power bills and higher environmental performance.

Unfortunately, there is often a crushing sense of complacency over the way asset care is planned and organised.

Reduce energy consumption, slash building costs

But maintenance remains a powerful tool in the fight against higher energy consumption. Indeed, it is the most cost-effective way to ensure reliability, safety, and energy efficiency in ACR plant and equipment.

Maintenance is also an area ripe with opportunities. According to some studies, total building costs could be slashed by up to 50% simply by switching from reactive to predictive maintenance.

The most compelling argument for properly implemented maintenance is that it guarantees reliability and therefore peace of mind.

Effective ac maintenance plan

These are powerful arguments in favour of implementing an effective plan for the upkeep of HVAC equipment.

The question is: How? One of the biggest parts of any practical maintenance strategy involves a consideration of technology. The old adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ doesn’t apply only to the health of people. It is equally applicable to plant and equipment

Broadly, maintenance is a five-step cycle:

  1. Determine where you are now with an audit.
  2. Decide where you want to get to by setting performance targets.
  3. Plan how to get there.
  4. Implement the plan.
  5. Continuous improvement demands that you return to step 1.

Professional ac maintenance support

The best way to tackle your maintenance needs is to seek the guidance of a professional. But more than this, it is critical that you take specialist advice on the specific type of air conditioning.

The most important consideration is to ensure that maintenance companies are vetted to make sure that they are capable of doing a thorough job rather than rely on a quick clean up by a semi-skilled engineer.

LH-plc’s highly skilled team of specialist engineers boasts more than 30 years’ experience, having developed extensive knowledge and unique engineering skills focused on maintenance and servicing requirements.

First-rate engineering and assessment facilities, meanwhile, ensure that air conditioning systems that are thoroughly maintained to keep them in tip-top working condition.

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