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What HVAC maintenance services does LH offer?

Leading air conditioning and refrigeration engineering company LH offer a full suite of services to help keep chillers and heating systems in perfect condition, of which some of the key services are detailed below.

Chiller maintenance

From a build-up of dirt and debris causing internal issues to leaks and refrigerant problems, there are many things that could go wrong in a chilling system without proper, regular maintenance. LH provides a comprehensive range of services that support chiller maintenance, including:

Fault finding: sometimes it is just one small issue that can have a huge impact on a chiller – a loose wire, blown fuse or broken thermostat. An efficient diagnosis of the problem is key to a speedy repair.

To keep chillers running effectively, cutting-edge technology such as infrared thermal imaging cameras can be employed to help identify where the problem lies. LH can also offer analysis and evaluation of faults through award-winning chiller performance analyser ClimaCheck, a sophisticated system that can monitor chiller and record pressures, temperatures, currents, voltages, and other relevant data. 

Using ClimaCheck for fault finding analysis can contribute to energy savings of 20-30%.

Commissioning & decommissioning: it can be hard to know what to do when a company needs to dispose of an old chiller and its refrigerants. Where to start? 

Experts at LH offer a formal decommissioning service, to carefully dispose of the chemical components and the shell of any chiller. 

LH’s engineers can also support chiller replacement, working closely with a company’s M&E team to make sure they choose the right product for their needs and then providing installation and commissioning services. Our helpful experts work with customers from the initial inspection phase to ensuring effective warranty cover and preventive maintenance programmes.

Refurbishment & repair: many companies are increasingly focused on their sustainability credentials and keeping their carbon footprint to a minimum. In most cases, it is both more sustainable and cheaper to refurbish or repair existing chillers rather than needlessly spending more to replace. 

LH offers a chiller refurbishment service, focused on boosting performance while increasing operating efficiency and saving energy, helping customers hit their sustainability targets.

Specialist maintenance: for those customers with a need for high-performance and efficient chillers, such as the Turbocor, using a specialist for any repairs and general maintenance is vital. 

The principles behind the Turbocor compressor are completely different from conventional systems, and need specific care and spare parts. LH’s engineers have over fifteen years’ experience working with Turbocor chillers, and can easily diagnose software issues and fix hardware problems with their wide range of spares for casualty repairs.

Heat pump maintenance

Many companies are looking to reduce their carbon footprint and are opting to replace aging fossil-fuel heating systems with state-of-the-art renewable technologies with systems such as heat pumps. 

Heat pumps, which are increasingly popular for both commercial and personal use, work by using a refrigerant and compressor to absorb heat from the outdoor air or ground, and use this warmth to commonly heat water, which is then circulated round pipes for heating and hot water. Ground and air source heat pumps, if installed and used correctly, are significantly more efficient than more traditional gas boilers. 

Some heat pump models have the added bonus of also providing cooling, delivering a total temperature control solution.

To ensure their efficiency and effectiveness, heat pumps need regular maintenance by an expert such as LH. We can upgrade old and inefficient heating and cooling systems with the latest low carbon heat pump solution to reduce running costs and energy wastage, and also provide ongoing servicing and maintenance contracts to so systems run at their optimum.

Compressor refurbishment and remanufacture 

Any major malfunction in a commercial HVAC or industrial refrigerator can have significant impacts on a company’s operations – but should the compressor fail, the whole unit will grind to a halt.

Remanufacturing a compressor can have huge money saving benefits for customers, costing considerably less than shipping and installing a brand-new compressor. A remanufactured compressor is designed to run like new, is provided with a warranty to guarantee a product that will last for a long time. It is also far quicker to remanufacture than to wait for the parts and installation of a full new compressor.

Refurbishing a compressor also has sustainability benefits, enhancing the longevity of a product and minimising environmental pollution of the manufacture of a new unit.

LH is a market leader in remanufacturing or rebuilding compressors, with over forty years’ experience in the inspection, cleaning and replacement of compressors. If a company really does need a fresh start, however, LH also supplies new compressors such as scroll, reciprocating, screw and Turbocor.

Specialist railway cooling services

The UK’s railways are used by millions of people every day, from commuters to day-trippers to schoolchildren, and everyone else looking for quick and easy travel. It is extremely important that the trains are kept in perfect working order, to keep passengers comfortable. 

LH has a cutting-edge railway air conditioning refurbishment and maintenance centre which offers an exceptional, quality service. We provide air conditioning support for many of the major UK rail carriers as well as the London Underground tube operators, Transport for London, to ensure optimum temperature and ventilation for railway passengers and drivers.

HVAC system efficiency review

An annual review of the efficiency of an HVAC system by an expert can have huge long-term benefits, from cost saving to reducing your carbon footprint. 

It is recommended to schedule annual checks by an expert such as LH, to give technicians time for thorough inspections of the full system, while identifying potential issues such as refrigerant leaks or filter clogs. This also gives them an opportunity to properly clean and lubricate moving parts and inspect and test the electrics. 

Annual checks will keep a HVAC system working properly and efficiently for longer.