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LH plc: Leading HVAC Maintenance Services in the UK

LH plc (LH) is a UK-based air conditioning, chiller and compressor services company with a head office in Wimbledon, London. It has extensive experience in the HVAC industry, with a team of skilled engineers who are committed to delivering high-quality HVAC maintenance services and solutions.

Whether you require chiller and heat pump installation, ongoing maintenance, specialised cooling solutions for the railway industry, or cutting-edge compressor services, you can count on LH to be your trusted partner.

Why planned HVAC maintenance is important

Keeping HVAC systems in optimum condition is vital to the operational success of a multitude of businesses. 

Problems with a chiller, for example, can have a serious impact on the operations of businesses in a variety of sectors, from data centres to manufacturers of plastics and chemicals, to food and beverage businesses, and the medical and pharmaceutical sectors among many others. These companies can’t afford for their processes to be interrupted for a moment, risking computers going down or even losing precious products such as life-saving medicines.

Aside from these risks, HVAC maintenance is also key to keeping occupants comfortable and essential plant efficient, and can also have the benefit of saving money. By performing regular DIY maintenance and recognising the signs that indicate professional help is needed, you can keep your HVAC system in tip top shape for the long term.

The benefits of HVAC maintenance

Cost-Effective HVAC Management: Saving Money Through Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance keeps an HVAC system efficiently running, which can hugely reduce the need to spend money on refurbishing or replacing heating or cooling systems over the long term. The full system should be regularly calibrated and cleaned by an expert – LH recommends a full check-up once a year – and essential filters should be checked and replaced.

Regular fault-finding will help to keep an eye on any potential issues and address them before they become more problematic. A HVAC system is a significant investment for any business, and maintenance will keep it running for longer without having to spend on costly repairs or refurbishment.

Enhancing HVAC Efficiency and Longevity with Expert Care

A well-maintained HVAC system will have to work less hard to heat a space, leading to lower energy usage. This has the multiple benefits of lowering energy bills, and also reducing a business’ carbon footprint.

In addition to keeping a HVAC system energy efficient, regular maintenance will also improve the product’s life span. Neglecting potential problems as they arise will cause a system to wear out much sooner than one that is regularly serviced.

Promoting Occupant Health and Comfort with Quality HVAC Maintenance

A well-maintained system will improve the air quality of a space, which has benefits such as helping to control respiratory conditions like asthma, reducing the spread of disease, and improving sleep. Air quality has even been proven to have links to better brain function and productivity, making it still more important for commercial businesses such as offices to prioritise.

Having to constantly adjust the thermostat to hit the right temperature is frustrating and outdated. Installing a modern HVAC system which can provide a comfortable, consistent temperature at the flick of a switch can boost wellbeing for those spending large parts of the day in an office or other workspace. Many commercial and industrial buildings require different temperatures in different spaces; the latest controls allow for zoning, dependent on requirements.

Staying Compliant with UK Regulations: The Importance of Regular HVAC Safety Checks

Over time, any HVAC system will accumulate dust and dirt from the air, which can impact its efficacy. This build-up can also negatively impact the health of those who spend a large part of the day or night in a room serviced by the HVAC, recycling dust and debris through the system. Regular maintenance can also help to avoid other serious hazards such as faulty wiring and chemical leakage, ensuring compliance with safety legislation.

LH recommends that an annual check-up is scheduled, to allow for thorough inspection and identification of problems within the HVAC system.