Industrial chillers come in all shapes and sizes and in a multitude of configurations to suit a wide range of HVAC needs.

With water-cooled systems, for example, there are no limits on how much water is used or how far you can pipe it or, indeed, how large or small the system must be, making them an ideal cooling solution for industrial applications.

There are two main reasons that specifying (non-portable) chillers makes sense.

First, they are centralised and can therefore be commissioned quickly and maintained relatively easily. Secondly, there is no refrigerant in the occupied space, increasing the chillers’ siting flexibility.

Future-proof solution

But the versatility of chillers doesn’t end there; they also allow more options later in the life of the building. For example, if you have several terminals (fan coil units, for example), a water-cooled chiller makes reconfiguring the floors by adding or removing fan coils a simple matter.

In the same way, having a chilled water loop system allows you to replace the chiller at a different time from the water terminals because the chiller is separate from the rest of the system and the terminals can be replaced floor by floor, terminal by terminal.

Industrial chiller applications

Industrial chillers have a variety of applications including:

  • laboratories
  • power plants
  • chemical storage
  • injection moulding
  • tool and die cutting
  • food and beverage processing for breweries
  • specialist medical applications such as MRI machines
  • plating and anodising
  • machine tool cooling
  • semi-conductor manufacturing.

Commercial chillers which are predominantly used in air conditioning applications, meanwhile, are found in a wide variety of facilities, including:

  • hotels
  • restaurants
  • shopping malls
  • hospitals
  • office buildings
  • sports facilities
  • factories.

What type of chiller?

However, although they are efficient and adaptable, it is important to understand that not all chillers are created equal.

There are many different types, including:

  • air-cooled
  • water-cooled
  • absorption
  • screw
  • centrifugal
  • scroll
  • reciprocating

Of course, this makes chillers all-encompassing and is probably one of the main reasons they remain so popular.

It is also why it makes sense to talk to the experts about chiller specification. But not just any experts; it makes good business sense to be meticulous when it comes to choosing the right partner.

The best partners have three critical traits. They all offer: Service quality, depth and breadth of experience, and resilience.

  • Service quality: This means excelling across all areas of the activity, not just of the product, but also in terms of business relationships, support, maintenance, and back up. It means attending to the little things.
  • Depth and breadth of experience: The best partners have an established presence in the market with acknowledged expertise, but this is only part of the story; it is also crucial that they offers products across the entire range.
  • Resilience: By working with a partner that has the financial muscle to weather economic upheaval, enlightened companies can improve the service to their own customers.

LH offers outstanding partnering potential because it can provide industry-leading chiller solutions, including bespoke options to suit the specifics of your application. We are acknowledged experts, backing up product supply with exceptional installation and maintenance know-how.

We can deliver customised industrial chillers to suit the specifications of individual applications because we insist on partnering only with the best chiller manufacturers, each with its own specialisms, in order to provide competitively priced and project-focused solutions, not limited by off-the-shelf products.

Our industrial chillers have been used in a range of high-profile projects, including in data centres, financial institutions, hospitals, and blue-chip companies. With unrivalled design capability, we can create bespoke chiller solutions at standard rates and lead times.

But our expertise does not end there. We also offer the best in terms of service and maintenance of all types of chillers – standard, bespoke, and Turbocor – to prevent breakdowns and maximise efficiency.

Industrial chiller maintenance

Maintenance is vital to the smooth running of any business that operates machinery. Good preventative maintenance will cut running costs and reduce the likelihood of potentially expensive breakdowns. It can also extend the lifetime of your equipment and provide peace of mind that you are doing everything you can to keep your process running and downtime at a minimum.

LH uses state of the art service-based technology to offer a comprehensive range of services that support chiller maintenance including fault finding, commissioning, decommissioning, refurbishment & repair, and specialist maintenance.

Chiller experts

We also pride ourselves on our longstanding reputation and credibility. LH has been established for more than 30 years and boasts a huge number of long-serving employees, giving our customers confidence that we have the capability to resolve the toughest of challenges.

In short, LH plc excels in delivering a wide selection of high-quality chillers and chiller services focused on the supply and maintenance of air conditioning, chillers, and compressors. Grounded in a wealth of experience, our aim is to ensure your cooling systems remain in perfect working order and running costs are minimised.

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