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Many businesses have now returned to normal following the Covid-19 pandemic. One thing we all want is to breathe clean air, especially indoors, where there might be numerous staff and customers mingling throughout the average working day. The question is, how can businesses make sure the air in their premises remains clean and fresh?

The solution is to introduce a natural airflow, as well as implementing custom systems, through the use of air ionisers.

What is an air ioniser?

An air ioniser removes bacteria, viruses and particulate matter from indoor air. To improve comfort and protect against harmful pathogens; the air ioniser can be mounted in any building, in any air conditioning system.

Completely safe to use, it is energy efficient, low maintenance and easy to install, providing an effective air purification solution to combat a wide range of bacteria, particulate matter and viruses such as Covid-19.

How does an air ioniser work?

Millions of positively and negatively charged ions form when air passes over the ioniser. Ions form in the natural environment, so the air ioniser induces this process indoors. The “bipolar” ions disperse into the interior air through the AC duct system, combating airborne contaminants before they can cause problems.

How effective is this?

Scientific research has proved that air ionisers work. Tests carried out in Spain in 2020, on behalf of the government, revealed a reduction in a coronavirus surrogate within ten minutes of the air ioniser being switched on. The presence of the virus was reduced by 99% in the air and 80% on surfaces.

What are the health benefits?

Due to improved air quality and the removal of airborne bacteria, dust, pollen, allergens, mould spores and particles from pets’ skin and hair; the production of negative ions means benefits for our overall health, but particularly the respiratory system. Reducing our exposure to airborne respiratory bacteria such as Covid-19, colds, flu and asthma triggers can improve our health.

Research carried out by the Department of Neurosciences at the University of Parma in Italy revealed the use of air ionisers also led to improved sleep.

How bad is indoor air pollution in the UK?

The problem of airborne particles impacting on indoor air quality is a serious one. In the UK, indoor air pollution causing particulate matter, or PM, leads to around 37,500 premature deaths each year, mostly relating to respiratory conditions.

A Royal College of Physicians’ study, entitled Every Breath We Take: The Lifelong Impact of Air Pollution, confirms cities where air pollution is bad, such as London, have more indoor pollution too. However, as well as outdoor pollution seeping indoors, our interior air can be polluted by other airborne particles.

All kinds of seemingly innocuous items can cause potentially harmful particles: installing new carpets; using cleaning products; painting a room; and the appearance of damp, mildew or mould. These can all contribute to indoor pollution, apart from the particles containing viruses.

Luckily, air ionisers have proved useful in a wide range of applications. The famous Sketch restaurant in Mayfair, London, has installed the latest bipolar ionisation technology in its ventilation system. The units capture and neutralise airborne particles, including Covid-19.

As the first restaurant in the UK to introduce the technology, Sketch installed the system in September 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Programmed to disperse positive and negative ions into the air; air purification plays a key role, especially during the pandemic, with advanced technology installed in the HVAC system purifying the air throughout the dining rooms, targeting particles such as viruses and bacteria using the ionisation process.

The restaurant studied lab reports confirming the technology had been tested successfully by several independent laboratories worldwide before going ahead with the installation.

The same air purification technology is also providing benefits in many hotels and landmark developments all over the world, including the prestigious TWA Hotel at John F Kennedy International Airport in New York.

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