LH PLC is proud to be a preferred heat pump and chiller servicing and maintenance supplier for educational establishments in the South East. We have recently become a member of Sky Blue Education, which connects private and academy schools with businesses to meet all their procurement needs.

Helping schools reduce their fuel bills

By upgrading old and inefficient heating and cooling systems with the latest low carbon solutions, LH can help schools reduce their outgoings. For existing HVAC systems, regular, planned maintenance will ensure essential plant is running at its optimum, preventing energy wastage and associated costs.

Creating the best learning conditions

Optimum temperature and air quality are essential for teacher and pupil wellbeing, helping to facilitate the best learning conditions, enhancing productivity. LH PLC can help create ideal conditions, using the most efficient and cost-effective HVAC solutions.

Increasingly warm summers are leading many more schools to consider mechanical cooling. LH PLC supplies servicing and maintenance for chillers and other central cooling systems. Many of the latest heat pumps offer both functions for simultaneous heating and cooling.

Reducing carbon footprints

Schools have a commitment to reduce their carbon footprint. Updating old fossil-fuelled heating systems with the latest renewable technologies, such as heat pumps, is becoming increasingly popular.

Ground and air source heat pumps provide a number of benefits in terms of cost-savings and efficiencies. LH PLC works with leading heat pump suppliers, such as sister company, Klima-Therm, as well as the UK’s leading energy providers, to support fossil-fuel upgrades and then provide ongoing servicing and maintenance contracts to ensure optimum efficiency and prevent operational downtime.

Recent examples include the installation of hybrid cooling and heating systems at Kingston College and Northbrook College; cutting-edge projects that utilise ground-breaking technology and BREEAM rated Excellent schemes. Both examples feature simultaneous chilled and hot water for use in air conditioning, heating and domestic hot water supplies.

Money-saving maintenance

We recommend that all of our clients enter into a Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) contract; the best way to ensure operational certainty and cut the costs associated with off-plan callouts and repairs.

With plant checked at regular intervals, a PPM contract will provide schools with peace of mind, reducing the risk of expensive repairs, breakdown and inflated fuel bills caused by inefficient systems. Well-maintained HVAC and associated equipment will also last longer, contributing positively to whole-life costing.

For more information about Sky Blue Education, visit: www.skyblueeducation.co.uk

To find out how LH can help your school or educational establishment maintain optimum temperatures, while reducing carbon footprints and fuel bills, contact us.