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Refrigeration compressors in the food and drink industry are incredibly important, as they are a key component in helping to keep food and beverages cold.

The commercial refrigeration compressor market is expanding rapidly, with industry analysts predicting a 4.1% growth by 2026. The need to keep an increasing amount of semi-processed food items from being spoiled is cited as the main reason behind the growth.

A refrigeration compressor draws refrigerant from the evaporator at a fairly low pressure, compresses it and discharges it to the condenser, where it is cooled. Then, the refrigerant moves to the expansion valve and the evaporator before being compressed again.

Market boom

Joint research carried out by multiple companies involved in the manufacture and sale of commercial refrigeration compressors predicted a boom in the market over the next six years.

The global market saw around 161.4 million units sold in the 12-month period up to January 2019. The increasing number of supermarkets and hypermarkets is a major driving factor in the sector’s growth, as increasing numbers of refrigeration compressors are required to keep the food products fresh.

Extensive analysis of the world market is being carried out continually by monitoring the major product manufacturers and their clients within the global market framework, including a detailed analysis of all regions.

Growth in processed foods

In recent years, in the global food and drink market, there is more use of pre-packaged and processed foods and beverages all over the world. This has increased the need to prevent the semi-processed products from being spoiled due to keeping them at the wrong temperature.

There is a particularly high rise in demand for industrial refrigeration systems due to the increasing use of processed food in the emerging countries across the world. Developing economies are either upgrading or refurbishing their traditional cold storage infrastructure and this is impacting positively on the market growth.

The commercial refrigeration compressor market can be split up into fridges and freezers, refrigerated display cabinets, beverage coolers and freezers, transport refrigeration, vending machines and ice machines.

Refrigerated transport

As a result of the rising demand for frozen food, the transport refrigeration sector is also enjoying a boom, making up 11% of the refrigeration compressor market. It’s estimated this sector will experience the highest gains during the forecast period up to 2026.

Growing cross-continent transport links and the expansion of the highways network, in terms of refrigerated road transportation, will continue to help this sector expand. Using refrigerated transport helps minimise food waste and hence is experiencing particularly high growth in emerging nations.

In the food and drink industry, only high-quality air compressors are used to ensure safety and compliance with strict hygiene regulations. Manufacturers must protect their hard-earned reputation by following the legal regulations and by using the latest technology. Refrigeration compressors ensure food and beverages remain safe and contaminant-free at all times.

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