Does Your Business Need Air Conditioning?

Getting air conditioning installed might not be the first thing many business owners think about, but when you consider the benefits temperature-controlling systems can bring, it certainly deserves top priority. Here’s why every business needs air con:

Comfortable working environment

Countless studies show that staff who work in a comfortable environment, where the temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, are more motivated, productive and happier in their jobs.

When the temperature at work swings either side of the equilibrium, productivity drops for a third of employees. This results in a loss of around 30 minutes of work each day, but for 6% of staff, this figure is much higher.

Another study has found that for every 1°C rise in temperature above 77°F, work productivity drops by 2%. Collectively, undesirable workplace temperatures could cost UK businesses a staggering £13 billion every year.

With these statistics in mind, it’s easy to see why installing air con is a savvy investment for business owners.

Improved concentration

A stuffy working environment will make you feel tired, and chances are you could start to lose concentration and make mistakes. Opening the windows might seem an obvious solution, but this could introduce noise from outside, further hindering your concentration and task engagement. Even if you turn to desktop fans to cool you down, many of these can be quite noisy, potentially interrupting your concentration flow.

Fortunately, the new breed of high-tech air con systems are incredibly quiet, so you won’t even know they’re running. Plus, with no need to open the windows, you can keep external noise at bay – ideal if you work on a busy high street.

Reduced absenteeism

Modern air con systems boast impressive filtration systems that remove unwanted substances from the air such as pollutants, pollen and other allergens, as well as germs and viruses. This can help to reduce the spread of common bugs and ailments around the workplace and prevent staff from taking time off sick.

For instance, studies reveal that one-in-five sufferers of hayfever have called in sick because of their allergy condition but with air con in place to remove pollen, this could be prevented.

Client or customer satisfaction

Having air con doesn’t just keep your workforce happy; it can provide a better experience for customers or clients who visit your premises. A stuffy shop, restaurant or bar is unappealing for any customer, and one of the fastest ways to send them straight out of the door.

Similarly, if you’re hosting a business meeting with clients in a sweltering office, the clients are less likely to be focused on what you’ve got to say, potentially scuppering any deals.

By installing air conditioning to keep your premises at the right temperature, you keep everyone happy who steps foot inside your building.


Certain items of equipment, particularly IT systems, may malfunction if they aren’t kept at a controlled temperature. Installing air con, therefore, can keep your machines and equipment in good working order.

Having air con installed may also be vital from a health and safety perspective for some products or perishable items that need to be kept at a particular temperature.

Safe and secure

After a hot day at work, staff might easily forget to close the windows, creating an open invitation for an opportunist burglar. However, by investing in air con systems, windows stay closed, thereby eliminating this potential security risk.


No matter what size business or budget, the wide variation in air con systems means there’s something to suit everyone. This flexibility ensures every business can reap the benefits.

Energy efficient

Despite the initial outlay, getting air con installed is a sound investment for any business. Opting for an energy-efficient unit for cooling or heating your premises could even save you money in the long-term.

Should you only want to provide heating or cooling to one area or space, you can even opt for a portable air con unit, to keep costs down.

Whatever air con needs your business has, from installation through to servicing and maintenance, you can rely on the experts at LH-PLC.