Compressor failure can be catastrophic for a HVAC system. To get things moving again quickly building owners and maintenance teams need to consider one of three options:

Replacement: tends to be expensive.

Repair: provides no guarantees of reliable long-term operation.

Remanufacturing: often the best option – offers the compressor a new lease of life and offers a host of environmental, financial, and business benefits.

What does remanufacturing entail?

Remanufacturing is a rigorous process that typically involves stripping down the compressor, giving it a thorough inspection, and checking and remeasuring each component which is then either reinstalled or replaced. The result is a compressor that leaves the remanufacturing facility as good as, if not better than, new.

Remanufactured compressor benefits

Sustainable: Remanufacturing, particularly reciprocating, centrifugal, and some screw compressors, reduces the need to dispose of so much metal and componentry. What can’t be used again is removed in a green way.

This decreases the carbon footprint of the installation and increases its sustainability.

Quick turnaround: Remanufacturing can usually be done very quickly. In emergencies LH-plc can remanufacture a machine in as little as 48 hours. Buying new could involve waiting for four weeks or more for delivery. For older compressors this delay could be even longer – maybe up to three months.

Money-saving: A re-manned compressor can be less than 50% of the cost of a new machine.

High-performance: Surprisingly, remanufacturing offers the same (or sometimes better) consistency in terms of performance, dependability, and durability as a new compressor.

The failure rate of new components is lower in a re-manned compressor because parts that are liable to fail relatively easily will have been replaced with more durable and reliable alternatives.

Reliability is also strengthened by the extensive testing process to which remanufactured compressors are subjected. LH-plc’s remanufactured compressors are run-tested on our unique refrigerant circuit test rig. This produces a detailed print out of the main parameters on a real-time basis throughout the test.

This test allows us to test the correct operation of unloaders, oil pumps and other peripheral devices fitted to the remanufactured compressor. At the end of the test, a valve test is performed, and the results recorded.

A copy of the test print is issued, providing a valuable check and assurance to the engineer on site in addition to our standard warranty. We offer the same warranty as it as a manufacturer of a new compressor will give you – 12 months on the unit.

Types of refrigeration and air conditioning compressors

Compressor types in size order from the smallest to the largest are:

  • Rotary compressors– positive displacement machines. Unlike reciprocating compressors, rotary compressors don’t use valves to move the gas through the machine. Rather, they compress the gas via rotation of an internal component.
  • Scroll compressors (sometimes called spiral compressors) – taking over the lower end of the market, previously mainly the domain of reciprocating machines, these compressors employ two interleaving scrolls to compress the refrigerant gas.
  • Reciprocating compressors – positive-displacement machines that employ pistons driven by a crankshaft to deliver high pressure gas. The only reciprocating machines still manufactured tend to be bespoke machines made for specific applications such as for high pressure CO2 equipment, or for particular refrigerants such as propane.
  • Screw compressors – use rotating screws to compress the refrigerant gas. Rotary screw compressors compress air continuously without pulsation because the gas compression process is a continuous sweeping motion.
  • Centrifugal compressors – sometimes referred to as radial compressors, raise the pressure of the refrigerant gas by adding energy to its continuous flow through the rotor or impeller.

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