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Chiller replacement at North Middlesex University Hospital


Turnkey solution for major chiller replacement at North Middlesex University Hospital

LH-plc was employed by Bouygues E&S to deliver a major chiller replacement project for one of central London’s most renowned hospitals, North Middlesex University Hospital.

The chilled water services deliver to various air handling units located in plantrooms throughout the hospital. These distribute conditioned air via a network of ductwork systems.

All the necessary chilled water is provided by two dual-circuit packaged air-cooled water chillers, with remotely located associated pumps and strainers.


Replacing chillers at the end of their working life

Installation work, which was done on a Turnkey basis, included removal of existing equipment and ancillaries from the roof compound, temporary removal of louvres from the enclosure, installation of temporary chillers and installation of the new equipment – 2 x Daikin Screw Compressor Chillers (EWADC10TZXLB2021).


The available enclosure space is located on the hospital roof in a secure compound, the location and design of which was creating issues with air-recirculation, preventing the existing chillers from operating reliably and efficiently in higher-ambient conditions.

Continuity of cooling

A key requirement for the project was to maintain continuity of cooling to the building throughout the entire installation period. To this end, a pair of hire chillers; one 500Kw and one 750Kw; were installed on the runway immediately outside the chiller compound.


The project required exacting attention to detail in order to ensure plant fitted in the tight confines of the space, with sufficient room for service and maintenance operations.

Our many years’ experience of operating in cramped inner-city spaces enabled us to deliver a high-quality solution, befitting the prestigious credentials of the building.



All the crane lifts, changeover operations and equipment commissioning were carried out at night to avoid any disruption to the hospital theatres.


2 x Daikin EWAD10TZXLB2021 screw compressor chillers

Daikin screw chiller EWAD-T is a flexible chiller solution suitable for many building types and HVAC systems application.

  • Cooling capacity range: 290 – 2148 kW
  • SEPR: up to 5.61 *Compliant with Ecodesign LOT21 Tier 2 (process application)
  • EER: up to 3.3
  • Single screw compressor
  • 2 efficiency versions
  • 3 noise configurations for quiet operations in noise-sensitive applications

Overview of works

  • Turnkey project including the removal of old chillers
  • Installation of 2 x Daikin Screw Compressor Chillers (EWADC10TZXLB2021)
  • Works withing a confined inner-city space
  • Continuity of cooling maintained with hire chillers
  • Night time operations to ensure minimum disruption to the busy hospital

Conditions maintained

Following successful completion of the project, it was reported that conditions inside the hospital theatres have been maintained at the required levels, despite periods of sustained hot weather, something that had been a problem for some time with the previous arrangement.

The project was successfully commissioned and handed over to the client in July 2022.

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